Welcome to the gear section, here is where I will suck up to/piss off companies as much as possible. (here is where I’ll get in the most trouble)

penta helmet crack.jpg

Singing Rock Penta

I have to say, I do think the singing rock Penta helmet is definitely the best value for money helmet I have, because Singing Rock sent me two for free. That being said it has two big advantages over the more popular Black Diamond Vapour, one its about 10 grams heavier, which will stop you getting light headed at high altitude and more importantly, two it costs half the price.

omega pacific link cam 1.jpg

Omega pacific link cams

I could never get my head around these, I get sent more picture of these than any other piece of gear, they are the hexes of the cam world, a pain to use, awkward to clean and like the above example seem to explode when used in any crack that is anything but perfectly parallel, which in most cases is pretty rare bar a few exceptions….. but the greatest mystery of all surrounding them? Why do I want one so bad? and do you think omega pacific will ever send me one? (ps not a fucking hope)